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On the cover page: Positrigo, Roasting Plant, Spacetek Technology, MOVE-ment, Pilatus Flugzeugwerke, Satisloh, Cascination and Furrer+Frey

In the Success Stories: Infors, Roasting Plant, Satisloh, Positrigo, SoHHytec, Cascination, Pilatus Flugzeugwerke, Furrer&Frey/Lea Moser, MOVE-ment and PubliBike

In the Turnkey Solutions: Positrigo, Trumpf, Cascination, Satisloh, MOVE-ment, AnchorGuardian and Spacetek Technology

In Engineering: Spacetek and AnchorGuardian

In Production: Satisloh

In Assembly: Satisloh

In After-Sales: MOVE-ment

In Software Services: SwissSoftware.Group

In the Companies: Satisloh, Positrigo, Roasting Plant and Spacetek Technology

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