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Mechan­i­cal processing

Cubic parts

The cubic pro­duc­tion of the SwissFactory.Group is char­ac­terised by its high degree of automation.

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Swissfactory Group Engineering-02

Auto­mated CNC 3 to 5 axes — milling

  • Work­ing range x: 10mm — 1’800mm
  • Work­ing range y: 10mm — 2’000mm
  • Work­ing range z: 10mm — 1’700mm

Unmanned machin­ing thanks to pal­let storage

Pos­si­bil­ity of com­bined CNC turn­ing / milling (up to Ø 2’000 mm)

Machin­ing of var­i­ous mate­ri­als thanks to high spin­dle speeds (e.g. aluminium)

Heller MC25/Fastems

CNC milling on 4 axes

Two CNC 4‑axis machines con­nected to a flex­i­ble stor­age sys­tem from Fastems

Equipped with 38 machine pal­lets and 400 tools each

Max. Work­piece dimensions

700 mm / 700 mm / 700 mm

Axis travel range X‑axis
Axis travel range Y‑axis
Axis travel range Z‑axis

800 mm
800 mm
800 mm

Round table


Max. Speed

Milling: 16’000

Num­ber of tools


Num­ber of pallets