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Long & large parts

From inter­nal cool­ing to crane capac­ity (up to 60 t) — the spe­cial­i­sa­tion of the SwissFactory.Group enables high pro­duc­tiv­ity even with very large workpieces.

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DMU600 swissfactory group bunorm

5‑axis mov­ing col­umn machining

  • Work­ing range x: — 6’000mm
  • Work­ing range y: — 1’000mm
  • Work­ing range z: — 1’100mm

5‑axis por­tal machining

  • Work­piece dimen­sion:
    up to 18’750 x 3’500 x 2’800 mm
  • Work­piece weight:
    up to 60 t

Machin­ing of var­i­ous mate­ri­als thanks to high spin­dle speeds (e.g. aluminium)

CNC 5axis por­tal machin­ing center


With the DMU 600 P, the SwissFactory.Group has one of the largest and most mod­ern large parts machin­ing cen­tres in Switzerland.


Max. Work­piece dimensions L 18’750 / W 3’500 / H 2’800
Axis travel range X‑axis
Axis travel range Y‑axis
Axis travel range Z‑axis
18’750 mm
4’800 mm
1’500 mm (+ W 2’000 mm)
Swivel head B/C axis with auto­matic head change
Max. Speed Milling: 12’000 1/min
Num­ber of tools 220
Num­ber of tables 3



Film: Bunorm Maschi­nen­bau AG