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Mechan­i­cal processing

Rota­tive parts

Even com­plex shapes can be pro­duced thanks to multi-axis machining.

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Rotative parts-2

Auto­mated turn­ing from bar
(up to Ø 76 mm; up to 8 axes)

CNC turn­ing
(Work­piece diam­e­ter 60–1’100mm;
lengths up to 6’000mm)

Pos­si­bil­ity of com­bined CNC turn­ing / milling (up to Ø 2’000 mm)

DMG Mori DMC 80 FD

5‑axis turn­ing / milling center

With the DMC 80 FD, the SwissFactory.Group has the pos­si­bil­ity to machine rotary parts extremely effi­ciently in one clamping.

Max. Work­piece dimensions Ø 900 mm / L 950 mm
Axis travel range X‑axis
Axis travel range Y‑axis
Axis travel range Z‑axis
800 mm
1’050 mm
850 mm
Swivel head B‑axis
Max. Speed Milling: 12’000 1 / min, turn­ing: 800 1 / min
Num­ber of tools 123
Num­ber of pallets 2