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Pre­ci­sion Mechanics

An envi­ron­ment with con­stant room tem­per­a­ture as well as a vibra­tion-iso­lated foun­da­tion allow high­est pre­ci­sion in posi­tion and shape.

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Precision mechanics-10

Auto­mated 5‑axis CNC pre­ci­sion milling

  • Work­ing range x: — 500 mm
  • Work­ing range y: — 1’000 mm
  • Work­ing range z: — 500 mm

Pre­ci­sion grinding

  • Work­ing range x: — 800 mm
  • Work­ing range y: — 600 mm
  • Work­ing range z: — 600 mm

5‑axis machin­ing cen­ter Makino D500

Makino D500

Thanks to the high-pre­ci­sion 5‑axis machin­ing cen­ter from Makino and con­stant ambi­ent con­di­tions, machin­ing of the high­est pre­ci­sion stan­dard is possible.

Posi­tion­ing accu­racy per axis 0.0015 mm

Max. Work­piece dimensions 400 mm / 400 mm / 400 mm
Axis travel range X‑axis
Axis travel range Y‑axis
Axis travel range Z‑axis


500 mm
1’000 mm
600 mm


Swivel axis A‑axis
Round table C‑axis
Max. Speed Milling: 14’000
Num­ber of tools 154
metal systems precision mechanics-08

Prod­uct: Com­plex com­po­nent for a stan­dard, tech­ni­cal laser device (70 x 50 x 25 cm; approx. 50kg — unprocessed approx. 150kg )

Ser­vices SwissFactory.Group: Machin­ing (alu­minium, mod­ern 5‑axis machines in tem­per­a­ture-sta­ble envi­ron­ment), pro­duc­tion-related engi­neer­ing ser­vices, 3D mea­sur­ing, clean­room wash­ing, clean­li­ness proven by resid­ual gas analy­sis, clean­room-com­pat­i­ble dou­ble pack­ag­ing and deliv­ery to the customer’s cleanroom.