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Sheet metal working


Whether alu­minium or steel — stain­less or not — mod­ern sys­tems guar­an­tee high repeata­bil­ity for all shapes.

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Robot bend­ing cells (up to max. 3100 mm)

  • Bend­ing Cell Xpert 150 Pro
  • Mobile Bend­ing Cell Xpert 80
  • Mobile Bend­ing Cells Xpert 40

Bend­ing machines (up to max. 4100mm)

  • TruBend 5230
  • TruBend 5130
  • Xpert 150
  • TruBend 5085
  • TruBend 7036

Bend­ing Cell Xpert 150 Pro

Bend­ing cen­ter for fully auto­matic sheet metal processing

The first fully auto­matic bend­ing cell in Switzer­land, the Xpert 150 Pro with direct stor­age con­nec­tion, pro­duces com­pletely autonomously and thus relieves the employees.


  • fully auto­mated tool and grip­per change — ideal for pro­cess­ing job lists and for chang­ing orders from small batch sizes to large series
  • 7‑axis robot with high pay­load offers max­i­mum flex­i­bil­ity and pre­ci­sion in bend­ing. Bend­ing jobs are car­ried out fully auto­mat­i­cally and with­out errors, even with heavy components.