It is commonly known that Switzerland can still keep up as an «Engineering-Nation» in a globalized world. However, it is increasingly losing its importance as a production location. The SwissFactory.Group firmly counteracts this trend and brings research and development as well as production closer together again. This applies to traditional engineering, but especially to value engineering services.

Concept development

At the forefront is the idea or concept. It is necessary to identify the most appropriate technology for this and to test its feasibility.

This is achieved by the adept engineers of the SwissFactory.Group thanks to their long-standing experience and profound expertise (including in manufacturing). They are supported by a wide network of external professionals and risk management, which is part of every project from the outset.

At Antrimon Group AG, a "Corporate Notebook" is used for the process from idea finding to concept, and offered to the customer. This is ideal for those customers who do not yet know exactly where they are heading. They specifically want expert support for the development of solution concepts for their technical challenges.

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  • Industrialisation

    As a leading industrialization partner, SwissFactory.Group offers production-related engineering services to support customers from development to series production. 
    At SwissFactory.Group, the paths are short, which sets us apart from the competition in terms of speed. Other noteworthy features include: clear processes and their documentation, short throughput times and professionally organized logistics. Among other things, the EN ISO 13485 certificate as well as further certifications in demanding industries such as aviation, aerospace and defense industry underline our commitment to clear, safe and precisely documented processes. 


  • Tool making

    Highest precision and quality, both for standard tools and complex multi-component tools. These are offered both in our own production and as a service for various industries. 
    This requires further simulations using appropriate special software, initial sampling as well as associated reports and qualification using risk management tools.