Joining is the permanent connection of two or more solid bodies, the parts to be joined, with a geometrically defined shape. Some joining processes also use a "formless material". This includes, for example, adhesives.

The individual process groups are defined in more detail in DIN 8593. The most important are riveting, clinching and screwing, as well as welding, soldering and bonding using a formless auxiliary material.

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Depending on the application, SwissFactory.Group offers one of ten different joining processes:

3D welding
Robotic welding MIG / MAG / TIG
Laser welding
Stud welding
Spot welding
Conventional welding MIG / MAG / TIG
Automatic longitudinal welding
Hard and soft soldering

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Depending on the application, raw material, structural requirements, quantities and design, we select the optimum welding process.

Laser welding, metal active gas (MAG) welding, metal inert gas (MIG) welding, tungsten inert gas (TIG) or tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding, plasma welding, micro-plasma welding, spot welding (resistance pressure welding), stud and nut welding, longitudinal welding machine (TIG/TIG), orbital circular welding machine (TIG/TIG), robot welding (MIG/MAG, TIG/TIG).
We use the TIG/WIG process to automatically weld sheet metal with high precision and quality. Processes that cannot be automated are carried out by our certified specialists.

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3D welding Trulaser Cell 7040

Laser processing of three-dimensional components opens up new design possibilities. This enables material-saving design and weight optimisation.

In laser welding, energy is supplied by a laser. This welding process can be used to make joints at very high welding speeds, with a slender weld seam shape and low thermal distortion. Laser welding is usually performed without a filler material, although our system also offers the option of welding with a filler material. In addition, laser welding significantly reduces the need for reworking compared to conventional processes, saving time and reducing costs.

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