We accompany your product beyond the production period to ensure its longevity and support you in spare parts procurement, retrofitting, technology change, service & repair and end-of-life management. This allows us to increase operational safety and reduce disruptions. At the same time, we strengthen our relationship with you as a customer.

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  • Retrofitting

    We are happy to support you in retrofitting or modernizing existing appliances, devices, machines, robots and vehicles with new technology or functions to bring them up to date with the latest technology or improve their efficiency. The aim is always to increase the lifespan and performance capacity without making entirely new investments.

  • Technology shift

    Our strength is in identifying necessary and useful technology and/or supplier changes in the manufacturing of many components over the entire life cycle in a timely manner and implementing these. This also applies to the after-sales area.  

  • Service & repair

    We are happy to develop an individual service concept for you.

    Specifically trained employees ensure rapid and professional repair handling, regardless of manufacturer, also for third-party products. 

    Further services: 
    - Procurement of spare parts 
    - Storage of defective parts
    - Function tests 
    - Repair reports
    - Dismantling 

    The group is also committed to continuous improvement and sustainable quality assurance. 

  • End-of-life management

    We understand End-of-Life Management as the environmentally friendly disposal and recycling of products and facilities at the end of their lifespan to minimize environmental impacts and use resources efficiently. It includes disassembly, recycling, disposal and strengthens our contribution to sustainability.