Cleaning & surface processing

Our group specializes in powder, wet, and special coatings of aluminium, steel, and plastic parts. We cover all pre and post-processes. Whether it's large or small workpieces, single pieces or series production, simple or complex shapes, single or two-layer coatings, or specific quality requirements such as wear resistance, discuss these and other requirements with us. We provide tailored solutions for your needs.


Image for: Powder coating on the continuous system
Powder coating on the continuous system

Latest generation Gema powder booth with 10 individually movable guns, including chem. pretreatment and baking as well as a robot system for powdering beforehand. Maximum size of parts: 3.2m x 0.8m x 1.6m Capacity: Up to 96 m2 per hour.

Image for: Fully automatic powder coating
Fully automatic powder coating

The robot system is designed for fully automatic pretreatment, masking, powder coating and curing of smaller parts in medium to large series. For aluminum and its alloys as well as magnesium.

Image for: Powder coating robot supported
Powder coating robot supported

3 Robot carousel systems 2 Manual cabins For: Complex individual parts, high flexibility as well as special coatings Maximum size of the parts: 3.5m x 1m x 1.6m, 300 kg Capacity: Up to 400 parts per hour.

Image for: Special paintwork & functional coatings
Special paintwork & functional coatings

High-quality PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) and similar (PTFA, PTFO) coatings are used for all materials and in many sectors of industry, including the food sector and laboratory and medical technology.

Image for: Wet painting
Wet painting

4 robot systems 2 manual cabins Overhead conveyor Clean room Grinding cabin Maximum size of the parts: 3.5m x 1m x 1.6m, 300 kg Capacity: Up to 440 parts per hour.

Image for: Examinations and protocols
Examinations and protocols

Optical inspection First sample inspection Layer thickness measurements Final inspection All inspections are documented in inspection plans and measurement protocols.

Image for: Upstream and downstream processes
Upstream and downstream processes

Cleaning Chemical pretreatment Sandblasting Printing of parts Assembly Special solutions for packaging, storage and transport.