Participation as an entrepreneur

As an entrepreneur, you are increasingly confronted with a hardly manageable complexity (market-related, regulatory, digitalization process automation, etc.). As part of the Factory Switzerland ecosystem or as part of the SwissFactory Group, you can benefit from synergies in sales and marketing and participate in the most innovative projects in Switzerland. 

The SwissFactory Group is looking for SMEs that complement the group's technology portfolio. So, we are primarily interested in something other than cost synergies but in complementarity (technical, customer-oriented and geographical). However, we are not interested in restructuring cases.

Complementary partners & synergies

Joining the SwissFactory.Group offers a lot of potential for each new company, especially in sales & marketing, knowledge transfer, process optimization, and handling complex projects (e.g., digitalization). Furthermore, the attractiveness as an employer is strengthened – a significant advantage in the face of the skills shortage in Switzerland.


Corporate structure
Image to Corporate structure
Maintain knowledge and network within the group

The former owners of all current SwissFactory.Group companies are all involved in SwissFactory.Group AG, the holding company, today. Because SwissFactory.Group places great value on retaining the know-how and the network of successful SME entrepreneurs in the group. Therefore, when a new company wants to join the SwissFactory.Group, it is required that the owner sells 100% of the shares to the SwissFactory.Group, and he/she participates in the SwissFactory.Group to the extent of at least 50% of the agreed purchase price, depending on his/her life circumstances. In any case, the entrepreneur can continue to run the company or (gradually) withdraw and contribute his/her knowledge & his/her experience in whichever form (customized). Joining the SwissFactory.Group can, therefore also represent an optimal succession regulation.


Join the SwissFactory.Group
as an entrepreneur

Urs Morgenthaler

Urs Morgenthaler is a born entrepreneur and has been the CEO of Bunorm Maschinenbau AG, or Bunorm AG, for nearly 30 years
The studied engineer brings his broad technical knowledge and his
experience to the SwissFactory.Group also in the board of directors
of the group and the executive team.