Analysis, measurement & testing technology

From the test specification to development accompanying tests – we offer tailor-made solutions in our in-house laboratories. Our wide-ranging and comprehensive laboratory infrastructure supports the entire development process, from the definition phase to industrialization. With a variety of investigation methods, we get to the bottom of the causes of functional and material problems. We develop specific test procedures that are implemented in corresponding test stands to optimally fulfill your requirements.

  • Instruments

    All of the group's analysis/testing services:

    3D measuring machine in air-conditioned environment
    (3'000 x 1'200 x 1'000 mm)

    3D measuring machine in air-conditioned environment
    (3'300 x 200 x 1'500 mm)

    3D measuring machine in air-conditioned environment
    (1'005 x 905 x 605 mm)

    Horizontal length measuring device
    (2'000 mm)

    2-axis flatness measurement

    Laser straightness measurement

    Roundness test

    Pressure vessel test

    Vacuum and leakage test

  • From A-Z

    In our company-owned laboratory, we carry out a wide range of individual laboratory and standard tests, including EMC analyses and unconventional single tests. Our testing capabilities span across industries and include material, component, drive, assembly, and complete system tests. The testing methods employed include slow motion recordings, thermal imaging, acoustic recordings and evaluations, drop tests, validation tests and splash tests. Our comprehensive testing capabilities enable us to analyse and assure the quality and performance of a variety of products and systems.