Cleanroom assembly as well as classic assembly

Fully assembled and installed – in our clean room and our assembly departments, entire systems are assembled and installed, including electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic components. If required, we also take over assembly and commissioning on site at the customer's.

Clean room

In our spacious ISO class 7 cleanroom of 400 m², we manufacture high-precision components for various industries. Our expertise spans precision mechanics, optics, electronics, electrical, hydraulics, and pneumatics. We place great emphasis on cleanliness, supported by an acid-based cleaning system. We also offer the possibility of upgrading our cleanroom to ISO class 6 with a flow box, which enables the production of extremely sensitive products.

In the semiconductor industry, we specialize in helium leak detection, vacuum pressure tests, and permanent tests for vacuum chambers to ensure the highest quality and reliability.

We also rely on partial tests for semi-finished products to ensure that our products meet the highest standards. 

We are proud of our diverse manufacturing capabilities and look forward to meeting your requirements for high-precision components.


Assembly of machines, apparatus, devices, robots & vehicles:

Our assembly expertise extends to machines, apparatus, devices, robots and vehicles. We offer the assembly of complete assemblies as well as modules. This allows for tailor-made solutions that are flexibly adapted to individual requirements and meet the highest quality standards.