The leadership team
of an innovative company

The SwissFactory.Group combines innovative SMEs with complementary manufacturing and assembly technologies and engineering know-how. With innovative approaches, the SwissFactory.Group wants to redefine the manufacture of appliances, devices, machinery, robots and vehicles in Switzerland – particularly in the B2B sector. The companies of the SwissFactory.Group work for high-tech industries such as MedTech, GreenTech, semiconductors, vacuum, optics, metrology or aerospace, but also traditional sectors such as machinery, energy generation or vehicle industry. It employs about 450 employees.

The concept of the SwissFactory.Group is based on four pillars. One of them is a new work environment - the SwissFactory.Group creates a unique environment in the industrial SME world to retain or attract excellent employees and executives.


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Board of Directors
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From left to right: René J. Bär, Urs Morgenthaler, Pius Widmer, Peter Fritschi, Sebastian Peter, Stefan Schimon, Hans Gattlen (President) and Roland Nicklaus
Executive Team:
The five voices of the SwissFactory.Group
Image to Executive Team: <BR> The five voices of the SwissFactory.Group
From left to right: Daniel Wahler (voice of the customers), Hans Gattlen (voice of the owners), Urs Morgenthaler (voice of technology), Markus Ruprecht (voice of the companies and employees) and Pius Widmer (voice of business administration)