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We support you in minimizing the complexity of your business model, risks, fixed costs, and opportunity costs. This enables you to position your products better in the market. As a leading industrialization partner, the SwissFactory.Group offers you further support along the entire value chain. We also always have an eye on the whole lifecycle of your product. Depending on the timing, we find the right technology for you at the right time at the right price. Furthermore, you can receive our services tailored to your needs - SwissFactory.Group à la carte! This also includes product development or the optimization of your development process. 

  • SwissFactory.Group √† la carte

    For those who want to focus exclusively on development, sales and marketing and also strive for maximum variabilisation of their fixed costs, the SwissFactory.Group offers complete outsourcing of production, assembly, purchasing, logistics and testing as part of turnkey solutions. However, if you want to keep the final assembly and testing "in-house", you can commission the SwissFactory.Group to supply complex assemblies. Finally, if you do not wish to outsource the assembly of modules, the SwissFactory.Group can support you with the manufacture of a wide range of components.

  • Volatility & security

    By bringing together innovative SMEs with complementary metal, electronics and plastics technologies, the SwissFactory.Group aims to create a new market offering throughout Switzerland. This allows us to provide security to our customers, whether established companies or startups, in increasingly volatile markets. 

  • Component and assembly manufacturing

    In component and assembly manufacturing, individual parts are precisely manufactured and assembled into functional units using advanced manufacturing techniques such as CNC machines, robotics and automated assembly lines. These highly integrated manufacturing processes require close quality control and process optimization to ensure the end products' consistency and production efficiency.

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