Innovative industrial concept
The Swiss Factory

With innovative approaches and a consistent digitalisation strategy, the SwissFactory.Group is redefining contract manufacturing in Switzerland: the aim is not only to prevent a further shift of production capacities to Southern and Eastern Europe but also to "recover" lost orders and bring them back to Switzerland. This opens up the opportunity for the Swiss industry to experience a decade of reindustrialisation after several decades of deindustrialisation.


Challenges facing Switzerland
as an industrial location
Image to Challenges facing Switzerland <BR> as an industrial location
  • Repositioning of the
    Swiss contract manufacturers

    The role of industrial contract manufacturers is often underestimated, even though they make a crucial contribution to innovations.
    Their production-related engineering know-how is indispensable for the success of many Swiss manufacturers of appliances, devices, machines, robots, and vehicles.

  • Preservation of the SME-DNA

    Maintaining the SME's DNA requires targeted support and bureaucratic relief within the group. This can preserve agility and innovative ability, thus ensuring competitiveness.

  • Strengthening Switzerland as a centre of industry

    A targeted strategy that preserves the SME identity, drives the repositioning of contract manufacturers, and promotes DeepTech innovations. At the same time, it supports entrepreneurs. This increases competitiveness and strengthens Swiss corporate culture.

  • Elimination of the systemic deficit in the Swiss labour market

    Switzerland possesses a variety of manufacturing technologies; however, products often need to be manufactured optimally as technology and supplier changes are necessary over the life cycle. The full potential is ongoing because no company offers all the required options.

  • Positioning of Switzerland as a leading DeepTech nation

    Switzerland has the potential to become a leading DeepTech nation to tackle sustainability challenges.
    However, this requires the establishment of sustainable technology ecosystems, seamless financing opportunities, and the promoting of entrepreneurial thinking.

  • Support for entrepreneurs

    SME entrepreneurs face many challenges today, covering a broad spectrum from digitization and sustainability to skilled labour shortages and the impact of regulations. These complex demands require comprehensive support and solutions to succeed in these dynamic times.

Our answer: The concept of the SwissFactory.Group is based on four elements
Image to Our answer: The concept of the SwissFactory.Group is based on four elements
The four pillars
  • A new market offer

    We achieve this through merging innovative SMEs with complementary manufacturing & assembly technologies and engineering know-how. The aim is to find the right technology at the right time and price from a single source – throughout the entire product lifecycle. 

  • A new platform for entrepreneurs

    The entrepreneur sells his/her company to the SwissFactory.Group, but receives shares of the group instead of the selling price. With the entrepreneur on board, we can do without a traditional corporate structure, and the SME DNA so crucial for an innovative environment remains intact.

  • A new working environment

    Thanks to the comprehensive range of services and entrepreneurial spirit, the SwissFactory.Group has the opportunity to contribute to Switzerland's most exciting technology projects. This creates a unique environment in the industrial SME world to retain outstanding employees and win them for us.

  • Embedded in a new corporate culture

    Developing a unique corporate culture accompanies this—a culture with an ambitious vision, clear goals, and a shared understanding of values.