Our business model

As a leading industrialisation partner, SwissFactory.Group offers you further support along the entire value chain (from the idea to development, purchasing, production & assembly, through logistics to after-sales). We also always keep an eye on the entire life cycle of your product. We will find the right technology for you, at the right time and at the right price, depending on when you need it. Furthermore, you can receive our services customised to your needs – SwissFactory.Group à la carte! This also includes product development or the optimization of your development process. 

Development, serial production, after-sales
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The integral approach

With design «to-manufacturing», «to-cost», & «to-service», we anticipate for you the following steps: a single interface and a responsible partner from development to production to after-sales.

Markets and strategies change – we adapt agilely to your needs.


Our unique market positioning
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The Dual Factory Model

The SwissFactory.Group has developed the "Dual Factory Model" so that the production of components can be offered competitively in Switzerland: Two factories under the same roof: the ("normal") Human Factory and the completely unmanned Digital Factory. This approach should reduce the manufacturing costs for many components by at least 35%, making Switzerland attractive again compared to Eastern Europe.

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