We stand for the sustainable reindustrialization of Switzerland

The SwissFactory.Group is a consortium of innovative SMEs with complementary manufacturing and assembly technologies and engineering expertise. With innovative approaches, the SwissFactory.Group redefines the manufacturing of devices, appliances, machines, robots, and vehicles in Switzerland – particularly in the B2B sector.

The companies of the SwissFactory.Group work for high-tech industries such as MedTech, GreenTech, semiconductors, vacuum, optics, metrology or aerospace, and traditional sectors such as machinery, energy generation or vehicle industry. It employs around 450 people. The concept of the SwissFactory.Group is based on four pillars. One of them is the development of a unique corporate culture. The goal is to establish a culture with an ambitious vision, clear goals and a shared understanding of values.


Values & goals

Our Values

Together we achieve more

We think differently

We act boldly

Our Goals

We want to have fun

We want to be successful

We want to be the fastest


Innovative industrial concept
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Our business model
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Quality, traceability & certificates

We have implemented a comprehensive quality management system to optimise our processes and production continuously. We are certified to the group's ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 45001. Certain companies also meet additional requirements of the international MedTech industry according to EN ISO 13485, the aviation industry, the aerospace and defence industry EN 9100 and are registered with the FDA. We source raw materials, components, packaging and services from suppliers integrated into our quality management system. This also allows us to seamlessly document and track metal components' processing, use and location to ensure quality, conformity and safety.

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