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Given its vision, the SwissFactory.Group, together with partners, is building the ecosystem of Factory Switzerland. The consistent working in networks allows the SwissFactory.Group to go new ways and successfully implement innovative approaches such as Value Engineering 360° and SwissFactory.Group à la carte, Lifecycle Technology Offering, Rapid Outsourcing and Dual Factory Model.

Our widely diversified, growing ecosystem of over 30 partners

The close collaborations with universities and colleges ensure the rapid transfer of innovative technologies to manufacturing practice. With local associations, the future of the Swiss industry is jointly defined through all relationships of the SwissFactory.Group are based on trust and sustainability, and a broad, growing ecosystem of over 30 partners has emerged for the customer.

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The DeepTech Switzerland Foundation promotes and systematically accompanies startups in the DeepTech sector with above-average growth potential. It forms the framework for a leading startup ecosystem throughout Switzerland. The Foundation is particularly committed to ensuring that the range of services of all ecosystem participants, particularly in the fields of technology, financing, support and premises, are transparent and coordinated – and this throughout the entire time axis.

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Dr. Patrick Griss

Dr. Patrick Griss is on the board of directors of several disruptive companies.

He builds on his experience in the HealthTech sector as an investor to identify
top teams, business ideas, and technologies and lead them to success. 


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