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Machining is a collective term for a group of manufacturing processes that give workpieces a specific geometric shape by mechanically removing excess material in the form of chips from raw parts. The main machining processes are turning, drilling, milling and grinding.

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Cubic components

The cubic production of SwissFactory.Group AG is characterised by a high degree of automation.

Automated CNC milling from 3 to 5 axes
Working range x: 10 mm - 650 mm
Working range y: 10 mm - 520 mm
Working range z: 10 mm - 475 mm
Pallet storage for unmanned machining
Possibility of combined CNC turning/milling (up to Ø 2,000 mm)
Machining of different materials thanks to high spindle speeds (e.g. aluminium)
Automatic workpiece change
D660 tilting rotary table

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Rotating components

Even complex shapes can be produced thanks to multi-axis machining.

Automated turning from bar stock
(up to Ø 76 mm; up to 8 axes)

CNC turning
(workpiece diameter 60 - 1,100 mm;
Lengths up to 6,000 mm)

Combined CNC turning/milling option (up to Ø 2,000 mm)

5-axis turning/milling centre DMC 80 FD

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Long and large components

From internal cooling to crane capacity (up to 60 tonnes), the SwissFactory.Group's specialisation enables high productivity even with very large workpieces.

5-axis moving column machining
Working range x: - 6,000 mm
Working range y: - 1'000 mm
Working area z: - 1'100 mm
5-axis gantry machining

Workpiece dimensions: up to 18'750 x 3'500 x 2'800 mm
Workpiece weight: up to 60t

Machining of various materials thanks to high spindle speeds (e.g. aluminium)

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Special processes & conventional machining

Surface grinding
Surface grinding

In addition to highly automated, flexible mechanical manufacturing systems, the SwissFactory.Group also has conventional machinery for drilling, milling and turning.

Simple and fast production of single parts
(e.g. prototyping)
Easy reworking of parts
Repair of mechanical components

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