Turning, milling and gluing plastic parts: Turning and milling are mechanical processes for machining plastics in which material is removed to achieve the desired shape of plastic parts. These processes offer precision and in the production of customised plastic components. Adhesive bonding is an effective technology in the field of plastics processing, where special adhesives are used to join plastic parts together and produce robust assemblies.

SwissFactory.Group has a wide network of partners in the field of plastics, on which it relies in particular for contract manufacturing and surface treatment. In order to realise its vision, SwissFactory.Group also intends to offer its own production capacity in the field of plastics processing. It is therefore in talks with the relevant companies.


3D plastic printing

We currently use the Fused Deposition Modelling (FDM) process,
in which the component is built up layer by layer from a meltable
plastic. The raw material is unwound from a spool in the form of
a filament. Our two FDM printers are currently running 12 hours a day.


Image belonging to 3D plastic printing