Precision mechanics

Precision mechanics refers to measuring devices or machines that achieve a high resolution together with an exceptionally small position or measurement deviation. In order to guarantee precision, they must also meet other criteria, in particular high mechanical stability, sufficient resistance to humidity and temperature in their field of application, and good reproducibility of their results (measured values, manufacturing tolerance, etc.).

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Precision mechanics

A constant room temperature environment and vibration-isolated foundation ensure maximum positional and dimensional accuracy.

Automated 5-axis CNC precision milling:
Working area x: up to 500 mm
Working area y: up to 1,000 mm
Working area z: up to 500 mm

Precision grinding:
Work area x: up to 800 mm
Working area y: up to 600 mm
Working area z: up to 600 mm

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5-axis machining center Makino D500

Makino's 5-axis machining centre and constant environmental conditions enable machining to the highest precision standards.

Positioning accuracy per axis 0.0015 mm
Product: Complex component for a standard technical laser machine (70 x 50 x 25 cm; approx. 50 kg - unmachined approx. 150 kg) Services: Machining (aluminium, modern 5-axis machines in temperature-stable environment), production-related engineering services, 3D measurement, cleanroom washing, cleanliness verified by residual gas analysis, cleanroom-compatible double packaging and delivery to customer's cleanroom.

Image to 5-axis machining center Makino D500