Classical engineering

As a leading industrialization partner, SwissFactory.Group offers production-related engineering services to support its customers from development to serial production. The competencies of SwissFactory in engineering lie in the development and industrialization of B2B products. It offers its production-related engineering services for high-tech industries such as MedTech, semiconductors, vacuum, optics, metrology or aerospace, but also for traditional sectors such as machinery, energy generation or vehicle industry.


The engineering team of the SwissFactory.Group consists of employees with many years of experience in demanding development projects. The proximity to production is particularly strong. Parts are designed so that they can be manufactured at minimal cost. To make this possible, the optimal production technology is chosen first and then the design is optimized accordingly. The feedback from the factory workers naturally helps with this decision. 

In addition to important experiences and inputs from production, the most modern construction tools are also used. In the CAD area, the SwissFactory.Group works with SolidWorks and Siemens NX. Powerful FEM (Finite Element Method) tools are also used. There are various options available to cover the engineering efforts. For an existing product, for example, the engineering effort can be financed by a certain proportion of future cost savings. 

Product development

The idea comes first:  For this idea, the most suitable technology needs to be identified and its feasibility checked.

The product first takes shape in virtual form. Design tools used include CAD & FEM (Finite Element Method).

The specification should be a guiding thread leading the development. There is room for agility and innovation thanks to continuous updates.

Hardware testing is the safest method to demonstrate functionality and performance, and successful qualification is the culmination of the development process.

Value Engineering 360° is a process developed by SwissFactory.Group: All factors relevant for a successful market positioning of the new product are addressed at the right time.

First hardware in the form of functional models (FUMO) and prototypes, which provide important feedback.

With market testing, the product under development can be regularly checked with end customers. 


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