Package for companies in crisis

Customers who suffer from revenue declines due to a high fixed cost structure can outsource their production and assembly activities in the shortest possible time using the «Rapid Outsourcing» process to variabilize their cost structure quickly. Rapid Outsourcing can also be used as a restructuring measure! This gives you time and capacity to give full attention to other restructuring measures.

Life Cycle – Where is your product at?
Image to Life Cycle – Where is your product at?
Rapid Outsourcing: Your advantages
  • Variabilisation

    1. Variable costs for personnel, rent, and operations in production, assembly, purchasing, logistics and testing. This can reduce the minimum sales necessary for a "Breakeven". 

  • Focusing

    2. Focus on primary core competencies such as development, sales and marketing. 

  • Opportunities

    3. Increase in restructuring opportunities: Especially for companies with innovative products. 

  • Analysis

    - Formation of an internal SwissFactory.Group transfer team (composed of a project leader, assembly specialist, procurement specialist, etc.)

    - Workshop with the customer (usually 1 day)

    - Output: Determination of products, product configurations or assemblies suitable for outsourcing

  • Transfer & Deep Dive

    Immersion of the transfer team in the customer processes on site (usually 2 to 5 days):

    - Gathering information (on the product, the assembly process and the supply chain)

    - Definition of assembly instructions, the procurement strategy and any test procedures

    - Setting up suitable assembly cells at the SwissFactory.Group under the guidance of the transfer team (usually 3 to 5 days) 

    Output: Start of the "O-series"

  • Optimization

    Around 2-3 months after the start of series production, the entire process is subjected to a value engineering analysis and a systematic search for possible optimizations is carried out. 

    Output: Optimization of product, assembly process and procurement. This leads to a reduction in manufacturing costs.