Participate as an Investor

The SwissFactory.Group is also open to new investors. This is particularly important in constructing the “Swiss Factory” and integrating additional companies associated with it, the SwissFactory.Group places great importance on a solid equity base.


  • Your contribution

    Strengthening the Swiss workplace

    Maintenance of SME-DNA

    Repositioning of Swiss contract manufacturers

    Elimination of the systemic deficit in the Swiss workplace

    Positioning Switzerland as a leading DeepTech nation

    Support for entrepreneurs

  • Invest wisely too

    The SwissFactory.Group is aimed at investors interested in a long-term commitment who appropriately value sustainability and social responsibility in their decision-making. Strengthening the workspace in Switzerland is a concern to them. Active participation is conceivable for those with a suitable profile.
    Interactions with all participants should be characterized by openness, trustworthiness, and mutual respect.
    Since the SwissFactory.Group can offer various technologies, operates in many customer markets, and has a strong presence in Switzerland; it provides the starting position of a diversified fund that invests in industrial companies. This allows us to smooth out cycles accordingly. 

Invest in the Swiss Factory ecosystem

Pius Widmer

Pius Widmer is a business economist as well as a board member
and CFO of the SwissFactory.Group. 
An investment in such an innovative and unique industrial concept
in this country as the Swiss Factory he considers extremely useful
and sustainable. 

He is available for questions.


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