Quality, traceability & certificates

We have implemented a comprehensive quality management system to optimise our processes and production continuously. We are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified across the group. Certain companies also meet additional requirements of the international MedTech industry according to EN ISO 13485, the aerospace industry, the space and defence industry EN 9100, and are FDA registered. We source raw materials, components, packaging and services from suppliers integrated into our quality management system. This also enables us to document and trace metal components' processing, use and location without gaps to ensure quality, conformity and safety.


We have a high-quality standard for our services and our customers' products in terms of execution, adherence to deadlines, and price-performance ratio. Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers - in harmony with the company objectives. We also commit our suppliers and partners to this principle.


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Traceability allows us to follow the entire life cycle of metal products from extraction to delivery to the customer to guarantee quality assurance and compliance with standards. It includes the documentation of production data, material sources and processing steps, which is crucial for traceability in safety checks and compliance with regulatory requirements.