Software services

Successful digitalization in an industrial context requires more than just IT skills. Rather, the often complex processes and the changing challenges of manufacturing companies must be well understood. The Antrimon Group AG and our strategic partner SwissSoftware.Group develops (embedded) software solutions in the field of industrial production and energy generation.



We are experts in digital interfaces, cloud architecture, data processing and analysis, as well as robotics and automation. We have detailed and always up-to-date knowledge of the energy market. We are product, software and app developers. We continuously develop new features and keep our software solutions up-to-date with the latest technology.

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  • Optimise

    With our products, we optimize processes and increase your efficiency with the same resource use.

  • Analyse

    We understand complex production chains, analyze problems and find efficient solutions.

  • Digitise

    Uncertain what our digitization solutions can bring to you? We are happy to advise you on which steps can help you produce more efficiently in a quick and uncomplicated way.